In memory of Greg Slick


We knew Greg for over half of his life. We knew him well. We are devastated by his untimely sudden death at age 40, probably the victim of an undetected cardiomyopathy.

Our work took us on expeditions all over California and outside our home state to Hawaii, North Dakota, and off shore to Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Ghana, Ethiopia, Bhutan, and elsewhere. You get the “picture”, the world was our oyster. Anybody who has been on an expedition knows the depth of camaraderie, need for sense of humor and subsequent memories produced. Now, like soldiers coming back from war!--Greg is a casualty and we suffer survivor's remorse!

We worked together on more than a dozen film, photography and humanitarian projects during the past 20 years. Many of these are incomplete and we feel a deep loss that Greg will not be here as our collaborator to finish this valuable work..

Greg was a great photographer and cinematographer. He documented numerous Juvare projects:

In Ghana – we support outreach programs for HIV and tuberculosis education and screening.

In Ethiopia – we support several regional hospitals and health outposts in the South Omo district.

In Bhutan – we are setting up a program to support HPV (papilloma) vaccination of ALL girls AND boys as well as a national genetics laboratory for infectious disease screening, immunology testing for kidney transplants, etc.

Greg was a huge inspiration for all of this work. His beautiful photography is being used to promote our Juvare projects. We are very sad that our co-organizer of much of this work is gone. Greg will be sorely missed but not forgotten.